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A small town in the East which produces excellent liquer, where ArrantGreenJay met two other Solars briefly and defeated a bandit clan lead by a vicious Fair Folk Noble clothed in writhing leaves.

A small port halfway between Lookshy and Sijan where the circle acquired Squirt and stopped a plot by some unknown magical being to disrupt shipping using possessed corpses of drowned sailors and foolishly hired thugs.

The Heart of Sijan
The ancient, uninhabited tomb-district in the center of the city where the ten tombs of the Circle Weave, some more occupied than others, lie, surrounded by the tombs of the Dragon-Blooded who died in battle against them.

The Bridal Manse
A mid-grade manse built by the Bloody Mouse in the First Age to celebrate the reincarnation of his Lunar wife. Located north of Sijan, it was the site of the final battle between his circle and the forces of the Usurpation. His lieutenant and mistress activated the manse's defenses, hiding it from sight and intrusion. The surrounding area was patrolled since then by his angry and shamed Lunar wife, who ate most interlopers. The land became a shadowland due to the cataclysmic battle fought there. The manse has now been reclaimed by Takuro and his compatriots and renamed Noontime Glory, after his first incarnation.

The Lover's Hamlet, The Thief's Town, and The Warrior's Fort
Three small settlements two days ride northeast of the Bridal Manse and half a day's ride from each other. Formerly under control of the eponymous Fair Folk, now under sway of the circle.

The Lion's Maw
Lyta's base of operations on an island in the West, featuring an enormous manse with a sacrificial altar stained by the heart's blood of Terrestrials who would not join her cause.

The dead city.

A Malfean's Scalp
Part of the Labyrinth, near the northern end of a self-aggrandizing "Empire" of spectres.

Walker in Darkness's Fortress
South of Great Forks, in a huge shadowland.

Great Forks
A lively city full of gods, Fair Folk, and other random weirdos.

The Iron Counting House
Where Virtues are bought and sold in Malfeas, to be later refined into power.

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