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Squirt is a young orphan and pickpocket whom Khazarkhan has taken under his wing. He is teaching him kung fu, forgotten lore, and pervasive cynicism. Takuro has also taken an interest in him, and tries to teach him morality and righteousness to counteract Khazarkhan.

The Bloody Mouse
Takuro's previous incarnation, an ambitious and powerful priest.

Song of Greeting
ArrantGreenJay's previous incarnation, who brokered a peace treaty with the Fae that was invalidated by the fall of the Solars.

A Sorceress whose name has been struck from the records of history
Khazarkhan's previous incarnation, who, after being slain by her own blade via the trickery of Resplendent Something-or-Other, was offered a Deathlordship by the Malfeans, which she turned down.

Resplendent Something-or-Other
One of the First Age Sidereals that lead the attack against the remains of the Circle Weave in the Bridal Manse, perishing in the resulting explosion caused by the lead daiklave turning on its mistress. His hungry ghost took up residence in a dark mirror of the manse deep underground, where he built up an army of spectres to take on the Solars if they ever returned. Both his mental faculties and his army, as well as his memory of his own name, proved woefully lacking.

Glides-with-Hope is a Lunar exalted who was Takuro's wife in his previous incarnation. She turns into a giant snake, but that didn't help her stop the Usurpation from killing Takuro's former incarnation, who, at the time, was having an affair with his Dragon-Blooded Lieutenant, Praedakesh Surit.

Praedakesh Surit
Earth-aspected lieutenant of Takuro's previous incarnation, and his lover who was responsible for locking up his tomb and leaving clues to help him find it in this life. Compiler of [The Black Book of Praedakesh], a tome of eulogies whose last chapter she authored, hiding within it hints to help find the Bridal Manse.

Wave of Blinding Sorrow
Talkative Moonshadow-caste Abyssal in the service of Silver Prince, member of the of the Circle Realist in his previous incarnation. He acts as an envoy and diplomat, as well as escort to Breath of Frozen Tears.

Breath of Frozen Tears
Quiet Midnight-caste Abyssal in the service of Silver Prince, member of the of the Circle Realist in her previous incarnation. She is generally more comfortable with the dead than the living, but seeks to end suffering of any sort when she encounters it.

Alana, The Lover
Dissipated wastrel of a Fair Folk formerly occupying one of the villages north of the Bridal Manse, now dilly-dallying around Nexus. Water-aspected.

Elsevier, The Thief
Manic eccentric, fire-aspected Fair Folk formerly occupying one of the villages north of the Bridal Manse, now stealing things, looking at arts and crafts, and generally flaunting it around Nexus.

The Thief's hulking majordomo.

Ilse, The Warrior
Exiled Fair Folk general, former head of the third settlement nead the Bridal Manse, an Immaculate fort she took over 147 years ago, now acting as commander for our heroes. She is air-aspected with earth tendencies.

Ilse's smith, who infused ArrantGreenJay's balefire-scarred sword with gossamer.

Ilse's lieutenant and second-in-command in battle.

Ilse's steward, in charge of organizing and maintaining supplies.

"Just Natanya to my friends, Natanya, daughter of Share, back home, Natanya of Sootwind in the surrounding area, Natanya Trouble-Maker to my colleagues, and Natanya Shit-Stirrer behind my back." Perky young Chosen of Journeys with a penchant for exploring ruins and digging up ancient artifacts of power. Has a thing for Khazarkhan and no fashion sense.

In more detail: She's an obnoxiously perky young Chosen of Journeys whose hobbies include archaeology and dangerous sorcery. She can't stop poking at things that look interesting until they explode, and is possibly one of the least subtle Sidereals ever. She routinely fires off overkill charms and blows the budget for her operations, although she is fairly effective at cleaning up the sorts of messes others would rather not deal with. She's also a horrible twink, relying on "creative" interpretations of effects, such as strapping masts and sails to a warstrider so she can use Sail charms on it. She's afforded a fair amount of independence because no one wants to have her as an underling, and she never fills out the paperwork correctly. She's wholeheartedly Gold Faction, mostly because Solars are so cool (and flashy). She also has the worst fashion sense ever, routinely combining all sorts of clashing articles of clothing from different regions. She particularly likes excessively pointy shoes, and keeps an emergency pair on the shelf behind her untidy and seldom-visited desk.

Pensive Reflection
Easily flustered Chosen of Battles who hates field work, preferring to plan the course of wars from his desk in Yu-Shan. Has a thing for popping out of mirrors and other shiny surfaces.

Vengeful Thunder
Half-crazy self-aware warstrider that wants to bring back its master to wreak havoc on the Terrestrials who slew him. In an effort to keep it from summoning the Unconquered Sun to help, Khazarkhan swore to help it find its master, in the hopes that said master could talk it down. Unfortunately, its master turned out to be Lyta. Khazarkhan broke his Eclipse-sealed oath and disassembled Vengeful Thunder, which now resides on a shelf nursing one heck of a grievance.

Mal Desirus
A great a terrible warrior of the late First Age who wielded Vengeful Thunder.

God of Exaltation, he takes pride in his work and is one of the more honest gods in Yu-Shan. He is partial to Solars.

A fanatical warrior of the present age who bears Mal Desirus's Exaltation and wishes to exterminate or convert all Dragon-Blooded.

Sidereal acquaintance of Natanya's. He has had dealing with Lyta, in an attempt to control her.

Wind Stalker
A Twilight circlemate of Mal Desirus who was obsessed with building gigantic weapons, including Vengeful Thunder and the "Army-Cleaving Daiklave". His Exaltation now serves the Mask of Winters as an Abyssal.

Red-headed captain of the Grandfather's Pride, one of the fastest ships in the West (due to her good relations with air and water spirits).

Stinky Beak
A large seagull with a third eye who reeks of rotting fish. Considered good luck by many sailors. The Lintha have apparently grown rather wary of seagulls of late...

Captain Mason
A pirate from Coral with a thing for young girls, he sails the Kraken's Spite. He purchased Rika from her drunkard father.

The Right Hand of Ordained Rule
A Dusk Caste Abyssal in the service of the Silver Prince. She was initially from Coral before entering the Bodhisattva's service, and hates the place for its predatory and sexist attitudes, although she tries to follow the path of forgiveness.

The Left Hand of Just Power
A Night Caste Abyssal in the service of the Silver Prince, and twin sister of The Right Hand of Ordained Rule. She provided service to the circle by using Infallible Messenger to notify Natanya that they would like the door to Yu-Shan opened.

Mnemon Naeshan
Khazarkhan's wife and granddaughter of Mnemon.

Shakar Hawk
Takuro's younger Fire-Aspected Terrestrial Exalted brother. Formerly an officer in Lookshy, now one of Takuro's lieutenants.

The Sorceror-Adjutant
Highest-ranking sorceror in Lookshy, who, along with his two subordinates, is open to alliances with Anathema if Deathlords threaten, especially Anathema capable of beefing up Lookshy's stock of First Age weapons.

Air-Aspected Immaculate who attacked the Circle and was captured. She is a lost egg from the far South who was taken in by the Immaculate Order.

Water-Aspected Immaculate who attacked the Circle and was captured, but later escaped employing Water Dragon trickery. She was the rebellious daughter of an important house who committed criminal acts bad enough to make her family foist her onto the Immaculate Order.

Earth-Aspected Immaculate who attacked the Circle and was captured. Devout scion of a major house who joined the order to work at making the world a better place.

Fire-Aspected Immaculate who attacked the Circle and was slain. Third son of a lesser line, he joined the order because there was not much in the way of a future for him elsewhere. He and Larad may have been breaking the vow of chastity together...

Assar Lannas
Twilight Caste member of the Circle Realist, who, shortly before the usurpation, claimed to have found a way to bring things back from Oblivion. His current incarnation is probably an Abyssal.

Larquen Quen
A Solar who happened to be present at the fight that destroyed the Blade that Walks in the Night and Devours Oaths, and who took a fragment of the Blade north with him when he left for the hidden arsenal Kal Bax had told him of. Did not die until three hundred years later.

Narat, the Fearless, the Unseen, the Amorous
Night Caste member of the Circle Idealist, who was last seen by the Bloody Mouse carrying a fragment of the Blade that Walks in the Night and Devours Oaths to a secret location. The last Solar Essence to die and be entombed in the Jade Prison, nearly seven years after the Usurpation. She was the elder sister of Rika's incarnation at the time. Her name is remembered in the East as a bogeyman used to scare children. Her current incarnation is probably an Abyssal.

Cynis Alemon
Young patron of the arts who drafted Takuro and the performing company he was with to perform at a party being held by Alemon's cousin, also of House Cynis.

Sesus Nagezzar
Khazarkhan's portly uncle. Concerned about the well-being of Khazarkhan's children.

V'neef Kalina
An old school-friend of Naeshan's from the Heptagram.

V'neef Kenet & V'neef Tapan
A pair of brothers whose pork-barrel agricultural subsidy bill Naeshan shot down in the Deliberative last year.

Assan Allad Annar Addak Arras
A melon vendor with connections.

Cathak Laina
A recently graduated Wood Aspect with long coppery hair and a surprisingly lack of fear or disgust regarding Anathema. Acquaintance of Naeshan's.

Cathak Nestet
Laina's unexalted older brother. He is mayor of some minor out of the way town no Dragon-Blooded care about.

Tana & Tala
A pair of twin Fae-Blooded children of the Lover, raised by Ilse, the Warrior. They are lieutenants in forces at the Manse. Glides-With-Hope "requisitioned" Tana to help her keep her Essence vibrant while Takuro was visiting the Realm.

A Mysterious Forest Spirit
She appeared to Khazarkhan while time stopped after he cast the spell to safeguard the Manse, and gave him a twig.

Rain of Killing Shadows
The pesky Abyssal who has been gathering the pieces of the Blade and whom the Circle pursued into the Labyrinth.

The Tomallah
A disgusting but matronly demon with a free-flowing supply of Essence and healing charms. Not a puppy.

Ashes Burnt from Forgotten Dreams
A renegade Abyssal seeking the Circle's help in breaking free from Walker in Darkness. They refer to her as Ashes, for short.

Dust Ground from Conquered Bones
Ashes's son, also an Abyssal under the Walker in Darkness.

Rectifier of Betrayals
A powerful demon who was Khazarkhan's First-Age friend and employee of the Iron Counting House.

Black Marshall under Fallen Standards & Shards of Basalt to her Army
Abyssals under the Walker in Darkness.

Walker in Darkness
An incredibly pissed-off Deathlord. A.k.a. The Black Psychopomp.

The Green Lady
A mysterious ally or servant of Walker in Darkness; displays powers in line with those of a Sidereal Exalt.

Blossoms on the Night Breeze
A little god who sits on the Guild Directorate. He'd rather be in the Court of Seasons.

Scruffy Water-Aspected soldier of fortune who happened to be in possession of a minor hearthstone from a manse to the north of Noontime Glory.

The Beautiful Soul of Ligier and Progenitor of the Agata, as well as a kingdom of demon-blooded daughters that lies north of Noontime Glory.

The Black Dog
Now-deceased occupant of the Ruined Fortress in the center of the Blasted Barrens.

Malagos, the River of Night, Possessive Soul of the Ebon Dragon
A torrent of darkness and crawly things.

Erembour, that Which Calls to Shadows, Seductive Soul of the Ebon Dragon
A goth chick that plays the trumpet a lot.

The Ebon Dragon
A whiny loser, now with a Sucking Chest Wound.

Precise Tracking Methodology
A moonsilver caste Alchemical Exalt with the good sense not to piss off nine people toting a huge ransom of magical materials.

Compound Justice Bulwark
A soulsteel caste Alchemical Exalt who grumbles a fair amount.

Rapid Retrieval Archive
A suspiciously-Natanya-like starmetal caste Alchemical Exalt who knows a lot about social engineering, medicine, and sex.

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