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Character Sheet

Name: Khazarkhan the Heresiarch Player: Neel Concept: Decadent aristo sorcerer Caste: Twilight Nature: Rebel Anima: A giant eye, wreathed in purple and scarlet flames. The more Essence Khazarkhan spends, the wider the eye opens.


Physical Social Mental Strength 2 Charisma 4 Perception 2 Dexterity 4 Manipulation 4 Intelligence 4 Stamina 2 Appearance 2 Wits 3


Dawn Zenith Twilight Night Eclipse Archery - Endurance - * Craft 3 Athletics 1 * Bureaucracy 5 Brawl - Performance 1 * Investigation 3 Awareness - * Linguistics 3 Martial Arts - * Presence 1 * Lore 5 Dodge - Ride - * Melee 4 Resistance - * Medicine - Larceny - Sail - Thrown - Survival - * Occult 5 Stealth - * Socialize 3

Specialties: None

Languages: High Realm, Old Realm, Riverspeak

Crafts: Smithcraft, Geomantic Architecture


Permanent: 7 Temporary: 2


Compassion 4 (2 / 4) Temperance 2 (2 / 2) Conviction 2 (2 / 2) Valor 3 (2 / 3)

Virtue Flaw
Red rage of compassion. Cruelty outrages Khazarkhan. When his limit breaks, he is prone to exacting a dreadful vengeance on behalf of the oppressed, often far exceeding any violence the oppressor offered his victims.

Limit: 1

(1 point from witnessing the abuse of Rain of Killing Shadows)


Permanent: 5

Personal: 22 Peripheral: 53 (46 free) Committed: 7

Khazharkhan devotes 4 essence to maintaining the Indolent Official charm against the Heavenly bureaucrats assigned to keeping track of him and his activities. He also has attuned his daiklave for 3 motes. His collar is unattuned, so it does not provide the increased soak (2B/1L?) -- it just keeps him clean at all times.


Background Rating Description Accursed 2 Khazarkhan willfully broke an oath he swore before the gods; they will punish for his presumption. Followers 3 The metabandits; a group of former bandits he used to hunt other bandit gangs. Artifact 1

Combat Statistics

Initiative: 7 (Dex + Wits) + 3 (Speed) = 10

WeaponSpeedAccuracyDamageDefense Daiklave-on-an-artifact-rope +3 +3 +5 +3

Dodge: 4

ArmorSoakMobility PenaltyFatigue Demon-spider silk armor4L / 4B-01

Base Soak: 2B 1L 0A With Armor: 6B 5L 4A

(2+1 from collar, ?+? from armor)

Health Levels

-0 O -1 OO -2 OO -4 O Incapacitated O


Name CostDurationTypeEffect Golden Essence Block 1 per 2 Instant Reflexive Die-adder Dipping Swallow Defense 2 motes Instant Reflexive Extra parry Wise Eyed Courtier Method 3 motes Instant Simple Know the social subtext Indolent Official Charm 4 motes One task Simple Task takes bureau 5 times as long Deft Official's Way 6 motes One task Simple Add Essence in successes to Bureaucracy Speed the Wheels 8 motes One task Simple Task done Essence+1 times faster Bureau-Rectifying Method 8 motes One task Simple Completely reform a bureaucracy Ten Magistrate Eyes 3 motes One scene Simple Add Essence in successes to Investigate Flawless Handiwork Method 3 per success Instant Supplemental Buy successes for craft rolls Spirit Detecting Glance 3 motes One scene Supplemental See unmanifested spirits All-encompassing Sorcerer's Sight 6 motes One scene Simple See all Essence flows Terrestrial Circle Sorcery 1w Instant Simple Cast terrestrial spells Celestial Circle Sorcery 2w Instant Simple Case celestial spells Solar Circle Sorcery 3w Instant Simple Cast solar spells Infallible Messenger 10 na na Create cherubic messenger Demon of the First Circle 20+5 na na Summon demon Banish Demon 20 na na Banish some demons Mirage of Protective Shelter 40 na na Hide city-state from hostile armies Mystic Travel 40 na na Move armies several thousand miles in a few hours Breaking the Chains of Earth 40 na na Make a city fly Incantation of the World-Forging Overlord 50 na na Rearrange the land Forbidden Knowledge Technique 6 One scene Simple Add Essence dice to Lore, Occult, and Linguistics checks Master Wordsmith Incantation 2 per success Instant Supplemental Buy successes for Linguistics checks


Gained: ?? Current: 36

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