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Six weeks ago, Khazarkhan knew who he was. Six weeks ago, he was Sessus Khazharkhan, Dynast of the House Sessus. Six weeks ago, he was husband to the warrior-sorceress Mnemon Naeshan. Six weeks ago, he was a proud father of two fifteen-year-old twins, his son Nual and his daughter Tiia. Six weeks ago, he was the administrator of the province of Jilin, whom the citizenry loved for abolishing debt-slavery and whom his Dynastic peers admired for increasing tax profits doing so. Six weeks ago, Khazarkhan was happy.

No longer.

Plot Hooks

The basic question shaping Khazarkhan's plot is, "To what lengths will you go to get what you want?" He wants to get his family back. He wants to use his new power to fix a lot of the problems he sees. He wants revenge on the universe for screwing with his life. You can spin a Khazarkhan plot pretty easily: give him a chance to get what he wants, with a risk of crossing an important moral boundary. Since he can no longer acknowledge the authority of conventional sources of morality (such as the gods, tradition or social convention) an important part of playing him is to see him develop a new sense of right and wrong.


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